Saturday, December 29, 2007

Parshuram Temple - Aajgaon, Sawantwadi

Konkan is also known as Land of Loard Parshuram. One temple of Loard Parshuram is situated at Sindhudurg district (in Sawantwadi Taluka) in Ajgaon village and the other temple is at Chipalun in Ratnagiri district. Unfortunately; Loard Parshuram who created this land; his temple is totally neglected in Sindhudurg district and is not quite well known also.

Ahilyabai Holakar built this temple which was rebuilt in 2001. Temple built with a magnificent surroundings is equally beautiful and massive. It has huge meeting room, independent Gabhara (the most inner place of a temple where god’s idol is situated), independent Pradakshina Marg (walkway), Palkhi Marg (procession way). It has a colossal DeepStambh (decorative column that holds oil lamps) in front of the temple and inside stunning idol of Lord Parshuram made out of Black stone.

Bhargavram or Parshuram are known as Lord Vishu’s avatar (incarnation). Parshuram is considered as 6th avatar of Dashavatar (Ten avatars). He is considered to be chiranjeev (eternal). He was born in Bhargav Rushi Kul ( ---- ) and hence he is also known as Bhrgavram. He made 21 trips round the world by walking over with Parshu (axe) which was given to him by Lord Ganesh and killed kings who used to threaten and trouble their own people making world Ni-Kshatriya (Kshatriya less - The Kshatriya are one of the four varnas of Hinduism, the other three being Brahmins, Vaishyas and Shudras. They are the warrior and ruling caste in the varna system.). Lord Parshuram was Guru (teacher) to Bhishma and Dronacharya’s who are considered as brave and knoledgable persons of Mahabharat. But he was never interested in ruling and he donated all that land he won to Saint Kashyap. But he never wanted to leave on the land that he donated to Saint Kshyapa and he would not have taken it back also since it was against religion. So he requested Sea to give him a piece of land between Kashyap’s land and the arrow that he would hit in the sea. Sea considered his request and as soon as he hit the arrow Sea went back and that’s how Konkan was created. That’s why this land is also known as IshuPaat kshetra (Ishu= Arrow, Paat= fell, kshetra= area).

On 12th March 1942 when Saint Gajanan Maharaj was praying Lord Parshuram emerged and offered Diksha (Diksha primarily means a transfer of spiritual knowledge by guru) of Tripura mantra to him. It is said that “Konkan” name comes form Lord Parshiuram’s mother name “Renuka” OR “Kunkana”.


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