Thursday, January 3, 2008

Make Konkan visible on Global Map

For years Konkan has been treated as stepchild by local politicians and Maharshtra Government. Sindhudurg district which is the most beautiful district of Konkan region got populer when Mr. Narayan Rane got elected from Kankavli.

Today Kerala backwaters, Goa beaches are all passe. They were populer because nobody knew about the natural beauty of Konkan region. People from all over India are now investing in Sindhudurg, Konkan. No i am not bluffing; go and try yourself buying a small piece of land in this heavenly beautiful plac eon the earth and you will realize what i am talking about.

I wish to urge to all my brothers from Konkan; DO NOT SELL YOUR LAND NOW. IT HAS A GREAT POTENTIAL TO BE DEVELOPED AS WORLD CLASS TOURIST DESTINATION. MANGO (ALPHANSO) CAN NOW BE SOLD TO AMERICA AND IT HAS GOOD DEMAND FROM EUROPEAN MARKETS. FISH AND BY PRODUCTS HAVE WORLWIDE MARKET. We have been blesses with this extremly rich flaur-n-fauna. What we need now is to come togetehr and build strong Konkan.

As my share I am trying to promote Konkan through this blog. Below are few URLs where users can find some more useful information about Malvan, Sindhudurg and Konkan as a whole.

Let's come together. Let's build Konkan lovers virtual network. Let everyone see Konkan Virtually. Each of our site should act as a uniqe showcase to Global Tourists and travellers. If everyone else can earn money why not we. Let's start with INR and move forward to win $, Euro and Pounds. We welcome all international credit cards.

Just kidding. But the point here is it's possible just that we have to stress and convince ourselves first. If you are convinced others will belive. So let's share all the resources you know about Konkan. Let's bring Konkan on global map.

Most popular tourist places in Sindhudhurg

It's very difficult to rate beautiful places of Sindhudurg district. It actually depends on personal test as well. But whatever is your individual test i can assure you that you will love to see all these places. These are my personal favorites and I would go a step further and say these place should also get listed as "Must see places before you die".

1. Kawada (A Small island near Revandi, Malvan
2. Sindhudurg Fort alongwith Scuba Diving(underwater sealife is a must)
3. Snorkelling at Kolamb or Devbaug
4. Nivati beach
5. Bhogwae beach in winter (to see migratory birds)
6. Nhapne waterfall
7. Kunkeshwar Temple
8. Tarkarli Tent Resort
9. Beach Hotel Malvan (proposed)
10 Malvan Beach Resort (proposed)
11. Beach House Malvan (proposed)

Friends, the list is endless. Actually i like each and every place in Konkan. It's an amazing place to rejuvinate yourself. If you are tired of hectic life of city and want to spend quality time with dearones this is the place to be.

Welcome to Konkan! Welcome to Sindhudurg! Welcome to Malvan!

Yeva Konkan aaplach aasa!

Forts in Konkan

For tourist who love to visit historical place especially forts; konkan is the right place to go. Here is a list of populer forts in Konkan region;

Forts in Sindhudurg District;
1. Sindhudurg fort
2. Vijaydurg fort
3. Terekhol fort
4. Nivti fort
5. Ramgarh fort
6. Rangan fort
7. Shivgarh fort

Forts in Ratnagiri District;
1. Ratnadurg fort
2. Suvarnadurg fort
3. Goa fort
4. Gopalgarh fort
5. Padmadurg fort
7. Purnagad fort
8. Kanakdurg fort
9. Mahimandangarh fort
10. Mahipatgarh fort
11. Sumargarh fort
12. Vijaygarh fort
13. Yashwantgarh fort
14. Himmatgarh fort

Forts in Raigad District
1. Raigad fort
2. Kulaba Fort
3. Knaderi fort
4. Murud-Janjira fort
5. Karnala fort

Beautiful Beaches of Konkan

For beach lovers who plan to visit Konkan soon here is my list of TOP 11 Amazing Beaches in Sindhudurg, Konkan.

1. Nivti Beach
2. Bhogawe Beach
3. Devbaug Beach
4. Tondavli Beach
5. Kunkeshwar Beach
6. Tarkarli Beach
7. Mochemad Beach
8. Talasheel Beach
9. Velagar Beach
10. Chiwala beach
11. Kolamb Beach

It's been observed over past couple of years that foreign tourists who enjoyed satying GOA for months have slowly started moving towards Sindhudurg for the virgin beaches with sliver sand.

Welcome to malvan! Welcome to Sindhudurg! Welcome to Konkan! Beach Paradise.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Welocome to Sindhudurg!

Sindhudurg (सिंधुदूर्ग in Marathi) is an administrative district in the state of Maharashtra in India, which was carved out of the erstwhile Ratnagiri district. The district headquarters are located at Oros (ओरोस). The district occupies an area of 5207 km² and has a population of 868,825 of which 9.47% were urban (as of 2001).

The Land of Culture and Natural beauty. Sindhudurg is famous for it's natural beauty like Beaches, Backwater, Waterfalls and Pilgrimage centers. The major attraction here is the long and narrow stretch of beaches. On a clear day, you can see the sea-bed through a depth of 20 ft. Then of course, there are the forts, Sindhudurg one of Maharashtra's more popular and important sea forts built in the 17th century and the famous Padmagarh fort. The name of the fort is given to the Sindhudurg district. Tourist from all over the world visit through out the year to see this Maratha glory.

Sindhudurg Fort

Constructed by Shivaji in 1664, at a site personally selected by him. The construction of a sea fort is a stupendous task, and at Sindhudurg no efforts were spared. Over 2000 khandis (4000 mounds) of iron were used for casting and the foundation stones were laid down firmly in lead.

Even today, as one approaches the fort past a rocky reef, navigable through a narrow channel, one marvels at the transportation of such heavy material through such choppy waters. Within its precincts are temples holding the shrines of Maruti, Bhavani, Mahadeo, Jarimai, Mahapurush and also of Shivaji -- the only such shrine in the country.

Konkan Tours and Travels

Dear Beach Lovers,

Traveler's paradise "Konkan", coastal region of Maharashtra, India is being promoted worlwide through our proposed site .

Our new site is being launched on 26th January 2008, on our Independance Day that will provide all the information about Konkan. Search what you like;

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. local fruits - Alphanso, Jackfruit, Konkan, Cashew

Your search for best tourist destination ends here. So please do visit our site to know more about various package tours we offer.

We are different. See the true Konkan with us.

We look forward to welcome you onboard very soon.

Konkan Tours n travels Team.

My trip to Janjira Fort - Good snaps

Janjira Fort from Outside

Janjira Fort Entrance